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Water Resilience

Right now, more than 2 billion people lack safe drinking water. It’s estimated there will be a 40 per cent gap between available water and demand for water by 2030.

Building water resilience at your organization can improve business performance and accelerate growth.

Taking ambitious action in this area will help you:

  • Reduce potential business risks caused by water challenges (operational and supply chain)
  • Enhance your reputation in the communities you operate and with your investors
  • Profoundly impact our ability to fulfil the UN human right to water and sanitation (HRWS) and broader Sustainable Development Goals
  • Support ecosystems that capture, filter and store water resources, while supporting biodiversity and helping to reduce the impacts of climate change

Water Resilience Action*

Target 1

Build water resilience across global operations and supply chains and join hands to achieve collective positive water impact in at least 100 vulnerable prioritized water basins by 2030.

Make A Commitment

*Companies that select this target will automatically join the CEO Water Mandate.

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We’re here to guide you.

No matter where you are on your water resilience journey, we can help. Our action guides will show you how you can make the biggest, fastest impact for 2030.

Join our global movement card

Not yet a participant? Join our global movement.

Want to help your organization take action but not already a participant of the United Nations Global Compact? No problem. The UN Global Compact provides a framework to guide all businesses regardless of size, complexity or location. You can express your interest here in a few simple steps.

Accountable Companies

The Forward Faster initiative aims to increase accountability and transparency by calling for companies to publicly declare their commitments and highlight the actions they will undertake to meet the targets. Companies committing to the targets will be required to report on progress annually to the UN Global Compact.


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